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An RPG set in the world of Slavic mythology, where your choice will determine the fate of the characters.
Create Your Own Legend
Every choice will have a significant impact on the development of stories and characters.
Make tough decisions and take responsibility for them
On your way, you will meet dozens of characters with unique personalities, problems and worldview. Who they will be—friends, enemies, allies or traitors—depends on you.
Danila the Craftsman
Started from the bottom, as a common craftsman, and wants to become the ruler of Kamnegrad, despite the prince’s will. Smart, honest, tough. Means what he says.
The Malachite Maid
A creature of the underworld and mistress of underground riches. She can show the way to hidden gems and gold and rescue from rubble
A malevolent creature that bothers the citizens of Novograd and the surrounding area. Smart. But smells like goat.
And many others
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Learn more about the magical world full of mysterious creatures and cities!
different locations
hours of gameplay
Try to buy yourself out of slavery, save the city from the invasion of the horde, become an idsolated, and look for a cure for an unheard-of epidemic — explore all these possibilities and more in different stories of The Tales of Bayun.
The episodic structure allows you to enjoy the beauty of the ancient and dangerous world to the fullest.
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